Reflexology and Acupressure

Within many eastern and western modalities there is a line of healing that involves pressure points throughout the body to balance the meridian lines that run through the body and reflex points within the feet, hands, ears and face that balance specific points throughout the body. My work involves balancing these meridians and points to allow the major functions of the human body and mind to work properly. I use meridian therapy concepts throughout all my massages, and also do specific acupressure/reflexology upon request for more specific work. 

There are scientific and spiritual effects on the body by activating any of these various points and lines of energy. Meridians are scientifically proven lines of "energy" that run throughout the myofacial network within our body. When stimulated, these points create a chemical reaction that effects different body parts, organs and systems throughout the body. We as people, are able to feel the effects in a mind, body and spiritual connection. Most people of familiar or have heard of the mind body connection and have experienced these effects at some point in their lives. It shows the effects of what stress from within and outside of our minds can effect the balance in our lives.  

Thai/Ayurvedic medicine says that there are 72,000 meridians in the body. This high number represents the infinite amount of possibilities that our body can be effected. Within medicine systems of eastern civilizations, practitioners narrow down these infinite amounts of meridians to small numbers...the Chinese have 12 main meridians, the Thai have 10. Both differ from each other and both overlap.  

No matter which line of therapy you are working with, its results are to balance and rejuvenate the mind, body, spirit connection.

Below are a description of Reflexology provided:


Foot/Hand Reflexology

This is the use of light to deep pressure to activate points that effect the entire body. Chinese medicine sees the feet as a portal to much of the bodies functions because it has the furthest reach away from the center of the body. Both Thai/Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have major meridian lines that end in the feet as well.  

Foot reflexology can effect the muscular, structural, nervous system, endocrine system and much more, in a positive manor.  

Zen Facial and Sinus Relief Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is similar to all other types of reflexology as it has effects on the body, mind and spirit systems. The Zen Facial Reflexology session is geared at activation and relaxing points throughout the neck, scalp, ears and face and sinuses in order to balance the signs of stress in the body. 

Although done for its amazing benefits on our health, most clients love the effects it has on the derma(skin). The skin becomes more plump and hydrated. You see an immediate effect on wrinkles and age lines and see an increase in blood flow that helps bring circulation to resolve many issues within the face. In conjunction to the healing effects of the derma, this brings positive changes to the reflex points that are activated and relief of pressure in the sinus cavities.   

I incorporate light to deep acupressure, invigorating massage strokes, Qua Sha(a scrapping modality that removes adhesions in the myofacial network and is very gentle compared to qua sha done on the body, with no marks left) and fractionated coconut oil that is infused with blends of essential oils.  

If you are looking for long term effects on the derma, several sessions close together is important to start the process and routine visits should be continued. This is a natural way to keep your face in tip top shape.